Prepaid debit cards are the fastest growing type of payment card following in the footsteps of credit cards and debit cards connected to bank accounts.

General Purpose Card

Every day use card that is popular among people who are looking for an economical alternative to traditional checking accounts.

Student Card

Enables parents to easily transfer money to teenagers or college students and teach them financial responsibility.

Select Purpose Card

Second debit card to help manage, control and track spending for specific purposes such as groceries or family entertainment.

Cardholder Pricing

Cardholder pricing is simple and eliminates the numerous "nickel and dime" fees that many other issuers impose. Card fees are as follows:

  • Monthly Fee: $3.95, waived if total load amount per month
    is at least $800
  • ATM Withdrawal: $2.50
  • ATM Balance Inquiry: $0.75    
  • Lost or Stolen Card Fee: $9.95 per card
  • Express Delivery of Replacement Card: $15.00 per card  
  • Enrollment Fee/Card Order Fee: No Fee
  • Card Activation Fee: No Fee
  • PIN Selection/Change Fee: No Fee
  • Load/Reload Fee: No Fee
  • Account-to-Account Fee: No Fee
  • Signature POS Purchase: No Fee
  • PIN/POS Purchase: No Fee
  • Live operator customer service: No Fee
  • Web based customer service: No Fee
  • Funding of card account by automated payroll deposit: No Fee
  • Funding of card account by ACH: No Fee
  • Dormant Account Fee for Expired Cards: No Fee